The Reconciliation Project

Danielle Sonntag's Grade 7 class explored how museums are working towards presenting different perspectives, primarily the Ktunaxa persepective, to their audiences. The students were challenged to imagine themselves as curators and find a way to better integrate the Ktunaxa people into the current exhibits here at the museum. 

The students partnered into small groups with five Elders and knowledge-keepers from the Lower Kootenay Band. Each group was given a theme based off of one of the exhibits at the museum. The students learned about the Elders' knowledge and experiences related to their theme, and they developed presentations outlining how they would change the exhibits to better encorporate the Elders' knowledge and the Ktunaxa perspective.

The students' presentations are exhibited throughout the Museum and our intention is to begin redeveloping the exhibits over the next few years. 


The Creston Museum, Danielle Sonntag's Grade 7 class, Elders from the Lower Kootenay Band